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It’s a Good {rainy} Day

Labor Day Weekend 2018 is here.

It’s a rainy one. And let me tell you, rain is the last thing our neck of the woods needs right now. This past week made history with some flooding communities just south of us unfortunately had to endure. The devastation being shown through video & photos is still heartbreaking. What is amazing though, is to watch how the communities impacted and those communities surrounding come together to pitch in and help in any way humanly possible. I will always be a small town girl at heart and the comradery and solidarity that come from a smaller community is always admiring.

Jim & I had plans to head out of town for the day today. But I made the call a few days ago not to leave due to the rain coming. I have to say I was quite bummed as this was something we’ve been looking forward to for the past few months. We have had a pretty packed summer schedule, and this would be the first time since June that we were able to leave town for the day.

My mood changed quickly when I started thinking about the folks south of us who were spending their weekends cleaning up and trying to pick their lives back up. This made me count my blessings and feel grateful that we had even had the opportunity and means to potentially leave for the day.

It’s very easy to dwell on what we don’t have. And to get into a funk just because something doesn’t go our way. I’ve caught myself doing that all too often, more so in the past, but still, from time to time. What I have gotten better at practicing though, is my gratitude. When I start to feel myself compare myself to others and what others are doing and what I’m NOT doing, I stop and think, what can I be grateful for right now? And typically, after thinking about just a few things, my mood and mindset changes for the better.

I get that life is tough. We all go through things, big & small, that can rattle us. However, I challenge you next time you find yourself dwelling on something that maybe isn’t a huge deal, but just has you feeling a bit down, to ask yourself:

“What am I grateful for right now?”

Today is a good day to have a good day.

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