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Hello 2022!

It’s been a while.

Since I last wrote life changed a lot…for all of us. We entered a pandemic that we are still fighting to get through. I’ve been working from home for almost two years (the end of that is in sight!).

Although there have been a lot of changes to adapt to and “new normals” to adjust to, there have been a lot of positive things that have some forth due to life slowing down for me.

I’m excited to write that I am in the process of re branding my photography business a bit. In spring of 2021 I had started a podcast. Due to some personal family situations I wasn’t able to spend as much energy on that new project as I had anticipated as family needed my energy and attention the most. However I am extremely excited to bring that back this year with some new episodes. I’m also excited to be back on this blog again. I hope to bring blog posts in regards to my photography sessions, photo tips, podcast guests, random thoughts, sharing my baking, talking about traveling, and all things that make me happy!

Slowing down and having more time at home has allowed us to actually get a few projects done. Last week we unfortunately had a case of covid come through our house. Thankfully Jim had very mild symptoms and aside from being a bit congested, and he still had energy to paint our bathroom for a bathroom refresh!

We moved into this house in 2010 (almost 12 years-can’t believe it!) and we never painted the bathroom. It was a gray/blue color and was looking quite dull. I wanted something more dramatic and have always wanted a black wall somewhere in our house. Jim was skeptical in having a black wall in such a tiny space. Our bathroom is extremely small, someone once thought the door to the bathroom was a door to a closet. I assured him that we could pull it off!

Hooks & towels from from Sherwin Williams

We decided to go with paint from Sherwin Williams again as we used them last year when Jim painted our living room accent wall, and used the Duration Home Interior Acrylic in semi-gloss finish. The two paint colors used are Black Magic and Snowbound. We didn’t go and see the paint colors in person and just went off of what we saw online and I’m really happy we went with our gut!

Because this is such small space, you can imagine that storage is basically non existent besides the cabinet under our sink. Having shelving was really important to add in. This would give us some opportunities to add in some decor and provide a space for some important bathroom items. It kind of shocked me how quickly I was able to find the shelving I wanted. The shelving unit is from Amazon, and for under $30, I have to say I am very impressed!

Shelving via Amazon

The whole bathroom refresh took a day and I have to give it up to Jim! He did all of the taping, painting, and hanging of the hooks and shelves (he is much more precise than I am! My go-to style is just eyeballing haha). I was of course able to do the more “fun” part which consisted of online shopping for the items to decorate! We’re our own little version of Chip and Joanna Gaines 🙂 And speaking of them, I think they’d approve of our finished product!

We have already started thinking about our next little project so we will see if we’ll get another one in for the year! But if this is the only one we get accomplished, I am happy with that as it brings a smile to my face walking into our bathroom now!

Have you completed any home projects during the pandemic? It is really easy to put those things off, but when you have the quiet time, it can be so satisfying to take advantage of it and get things done!

Until next time!


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